The Whales Have Won! — ICJ Rules Japan’s Southern Ocean Whaling ‘Not For Scientific Research’

In a stunning victory for the whales, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague announced their binding decision today in the landmark case of Australia v. Japan, ruling that Japan’s JARPA II whaling program in the Antarctic is not for scientific purposes and ordering that all permits given under JARPA II be revoked. The news was applauded and celebrated by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society USA and Sea Shepherd Australia, both of which have directly intervened against Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean….click here for full story.


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The Devil’s Treasure Parts III and IV

Coming April 2014….


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Losing my religion…

I got super busy with some boring, mundane life stuff, (working, paying bills, you know the drill…), and I found that I was no longer gaming.

None.  Nada. Not even a wee bit of gaming.

I was worried.

But, every time that I had the passing thought of cranking up my PS3 and finishing AC IV: Black Flag and Arkham Origins, something would distract me.  Something mundane.  Something…ugly.

I began to have the horrible feeling that maybe gaming was…GASP…as far back on the “do” shelf in my life as it could get.  Waaaaaay back.  Like, so far back that I could no longer see it.  Feel it.  Smell it.

And I hadn’t even finished my beloved AC IV: Black Flag or the latest Batman title.  Oh the horror!!!

In fact, I had abandoned Edward Kenway somewhere in the Caribbean as the Spanish ships of Torres were about to launch a massive attack on the fast and sleek Jackdaw.  That was back in December.  It’s now March.  I had just left him there, Anne Bonny at his side, and the crew poised to do battle.

So, this past week, I groaned and wailed and PUSSSSHHHHHEDDDDD all of the mundane stuff aside, and I immersed myself back in the Animus.  I not only survived the Spanish ships, I soundly whooped their arse.  Then, I raced to the Observatory (for the second time), and slew the evil Torres with a mighty leap and my handy Assassin’s blade.  Dead. Dead. Dead.

Feeling elated and whole again, I sat and watched the game’s credits scroll on my screen, energized by my victory and the completion of yet another adventure.

Now, to fuel up the Batplane and go after those villains in Gotham City…

Nananananananana………………………………….you know the song!

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity

At last, the new Assassin’s Creed title is revealed…the sneak peek trailer!


So, next November, you can expect me to butchering what little French I know, eating lots of mac and cheese, (yep, it’s a French concoction), and dreaming of Paris…


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Blackbeard on the Cover of National Geographic! ARRRRRR!

National Geographic Exploring History: 13 Notorious Villains Special Issue

This issue introduces readers to some of history’s greatest villains, from Herod the Great, Biblical despot who built a powerful kingdom but murdered his wife, children and rivals, to Blackbeard, 18th-century pirate whose ruthless actions terrorized the American coastline. Lighter figures are also featured, including George Parker, who repeatedly sold the Brooklyn Bridge, Butch Cassidy, who robbed trains and banks with few casualties, and Elmry de Hory, perhaps the most successful art forger ever to have lived. The final section of the issue reviews the latest history books, apps, and exhibitions on tour.

Go here to view / order the magazine


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