Oh No! It’s Godzilla!

I haven’t seen the new Godzilla movie yet, but I plan to do so very soon.  Godzilla was a major part of my childhood, and I still have Godzilla nightmares.   His scream still makes me hold my breath, and I don’t know about you, but if he ever shows up, I’m going underground — basement, parking garage, train tunnel — underground is where you will find my knee knockin’ self.

My boogeymen aren’t so surprising, I don’t think:  Darth Vader, Godzilla, Bigfoot, the Flying Monkeys from Wizard of Oz, and Balrogs.  To qualify as a fully fledged boogeymen (at least in my book) one must:

  • have had or is still having nightmares about said boogeyman
  • have a real fear of some place, time, or dimension of where the boogeyman is said to dwell, ie no vacations on remote islands near Japan.  Perhaps no vacations to Japan at all
  • can hear a particular sound associated with the proposed boogeyman and either tinkle one’s panties a wee bit or break out in a cold sweat, ie Bigfoot howl = cold sweat

So, yea, I’m probably going to have a few more Godzilla nightmares this year, and I’ll probably never travel to Japan without a definitive egress plan, but I will go and see the new movie.  Why?

One word.



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