Review: The Camelot Oracle


The Camelot Oracle

John Matthews with art by Will Worthington

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“A quest for wisdom through the Arthurian world”

Travel through the world of Arthur with your own Champion and Companion as you embark on your personal quest!  This is your Journey…and the Camelot Oracle is your travel kit!

It seems that most divination tools (these days) are all about the art and not so much about the Seeker.  I will also admit that I am guilty of purchasing Tarot and other oracle kits based solely on the art on the box or the “oooooo” and “ahhhhhhhh” that accompanies the opening of the kit itself.

However, I am an Arthurian fan, a Seeker of the Arthurian Path, and so when it comes to an Arthurian divination tool, I want the art, (oh yes!), but I also want the substance and depth that comes from (dare I say) authentic Arthuriana.

John Matthews and Will Worthington, with The Camelot Oracle, deliver the goods.  In fact, The Camelot Oracle is SO good that I will say it now:  Go. Buy. It.  Ask Father Christmas for it, save your pennies, whatever you must do: If you are an Arthurian Seeker, and you yearn to travel with the Arthurian archetypes upon familiar and well trodden paths, then here it is.  I LOVE the concept of having a Companion for the vision of “where I am” and “where I am going”.

Will’s art is astounding!  There are familiar faces within the cards and some not so familiar:  The Questing Beast, Cundrie, Nasciens, and my new favorite, darker shade of Arthuriana, Amangons, (c’mon, maybe he’s just a misunderstood, sensitive guy who can’t help himself!).  I  heard that Will may be selling some of the artwork in print format, and you know I’ll be first in line!  My overall favorite card?  Igraine.  There’s something about that look in her eye…

John’s extensive knowledge of all things Arthurian cloaks the entire oracle in beautiful and satisfying raiment, (and what else do we expect from the Master?), but it’s the concept of The Camelot Oracle that allows it to speak to the Seeker in a language that is familiar and ancient.

Using 32 archetype cards, a map of the Lands Adventurous, and the 8 cards for your path, the Seeker WILL get an understandable response to their query and, the response will be in Arthurian language!  How so? The oracle “speaks” through familiar story, places, and characters of the Arthuriana.   The Seeker will know where h/she is, where they are going, and how to get there, all conveyed through the beautiful imagery of the Will Worthington’s Arthurian vision.

It’s Yuletide, folks, treat yourself or get this for your Arthurian friend(s)!

All Hail, Arthur!!

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