Virginia Chandler, Whale Warrior





When I was in my early twenties, my mother used to worry that I would march off to some sort of animal crusade and throw myself in the path of elephant poachers or whalers on the high seas…I’ve always been very passionate in my love for my fellow creatures on this planet, and admittedly my love for the sea mammals is the closest to my heart.

I did not run off and join a crusade, and I’ve always been a little ashamed of that, but my passion has never diminished.

When I first saw the show “Whale Wars” on Animal Planet a few years ago, I was elated.  Here were heroes!  Champions!  Brave, even to the point of foolish danger at times, but here were humans who were risking their lives to save whales…and here’s the rub:  They were succeeding!

I was fortunate enough to see two California Gray whales in the Northern California ocean some years ago; the majesty, awe, and …presence…of the pair was palpable.  I couldn’t, and still can’t, imagine calling them being killed by a harpoon anything but murder….

Go here to read more and support Sea ShepherdVirginia’s Whales

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