A Jedi Godmother’s Wish

A Jedi Godmother’s Wish

My godson is visiting this weekend, and his parents are allowing ME to introduce the Youngling to the Star Wars saga.  I am SO EXCITED!  And wondering a few things…so, here’s a little poem about my dilemma :)

August 2012

Master Yoda
Guide me well
My godson visits this weekend
And I am in godmother hell

Not because he’s coming
for my Youngling is quite the lad
This godmother is very excited
for it’s a very special date…

And yet
I am in anguish..needing good advice
For on this visit we will begin the saga
of the Skywalkers and their doomed mates

Do I begin with Luke and Leia?
or Ani, Obi, and Padme?




I’ll begin with Luke and Leia,
and then we’ll go to Hoth
We’ll defeat the Empire on Endor
and then eat some Ewok toast…



Jedi Godmother

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