Being Stalked by Batman

I’ve been surrounded by Batman lately.  It’s almost like he’s stalking me in his sorta creepy, Batlike way.

About two weeks ago, I discovered the delightful (and free) MMO, DCUniverse Online.  I’m playing on my PS3, and so far, I give it a 8 out of 10.  If the devs will add in player housing and vehicles, (I WANT A BATMOBILE!),  I’d give it a 9 out of 10.

It’s a well made MMO where YOU get to be a superhero…or villain.  And it’s free.  You choose your character, make him or her all superhero like, and then you get to choose your superhero mentor.  I chose Batman.  I wanted gadgets and a Batmobile.

I got the gadgets,  (a whole bunch of cool ones), no Batmobile (yet), but I did get a really cool geeky gaming moment when I fought the final battle to save my mentor, Batman, while the Batcave was being attacked!   I totally geeked out when I realized that my long road to level 30 had finally brought me to the Batcave!

While playing DCUniverse Online, I also played the demo for the Rocksteady game, Batman: Arkham City.  I played Arkham Asylum, and with only one or two complaints from my end, I loved that game.  Well, to my delight, Rocksteady got rid of what annoyed me about Arkham Asylum, and I give not only two thumbs up to Arkham City, but a 10 out of 10 as well.  I’m a little late on buying this one, so I was able to grab the GOTY edition for really cheap, and I am stunned and amazed to report that I am in the middle of my second campaign and still geeking out on the game.  I’ve never, ever played a game twice.  Not the same campaign in the same exact way.  Until now.

And there’s more, of course, because on July 20th, the new Dark Knight, Chris Nolan film will be released.  It has Catwoman in it, and she’s in Arkham City, too.  Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman in the movie, and at first, I was a bit taken aback; but, from what I’ve seen, I think that Anne nailed it.  I’m just as excited about seeing her Catwoman as I am about seeing the villain Bane brought to the screen, (hopefully better done that the icky version in the Batman movie that I won’t mention from the 90s with George Clooney).

It’s weird.  I wasn’t excited at all about the Batman movie because, frankly, I’ve enjoyed the villains of the Nolan movies moreso than I’ve enjoyed Christian Bale’s growling caped crusader.  Morgan Freeman is great, as is the amazing Michael Caine as Alfred, and Heath Ledger as the Joker will never, ever be done better.  I even accepted that Liam Neeson was the leader of the League of Assassins.  What’s been missing from the trilogy?  Batman.

Yet, thanks to DCUniverse Online and Arkham City: GOTY, I’m ready to give Bale’s Batman one last chance.  I will spend the money to see if Catwoman can convince the real Batman to emerge from the muscular and gravelly voiced Bruce Wayne of the Nolan films.

In the meantime, my mother found my 1960 diecast Batmobile car, and somehow my vintage Batman coffee mug reappeared in the kitchen cabinet.  Then, I found out that I had enough GameStop Powerup Reward points to get a Batman t shirt!

HOLY CHAIN OF EVENTS, Batman!  It just keeps coming!

Now, if I can just solve those Riddler puzzles and save the hostages, I’ll sleep a little better tonight…



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