Excerpt from The Green Knight’s Apprentice

My next title will be released in October 2012 and it is titled The Green Knight’s Apprentice. 

The title of the novel has changed quite a few times:  I originally called it The Winter King’s Dance, and then changed it to Steward of the Green Chapel , but once The Green Knight’s Apprentice was suggested to me, (by one of my editors), I knew that was IT!

This title is an Arthurian tale that follows Sir Gawain as the Green Knight, with his apprentice, Rhowbyn, for a year and a day as Gawain receives magickal training (and many adventures) as the Green Knight.  There are battles, festivals, and readers will be surrounded with very familiar Arthurian archetypes such as Morgan Le Fay, Sir Gawain, King Arthur, Sir Bors, and more.  I am VERY excited about this book!

Enjoy the teaser!


The Green Knights Apprentice preview

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