Geeky Moments

A friend of mine sent me a survey to take the other day; this survey supposedly lets you (and the world, should you choose to tell them), know whether you are a Geek or a Nerd.

I didn’t take the survey.  I already know the answer.  So, when I saw my friend a few nights later and she queried me about taking the survey, I told her that I had not taken it because I already knew what the results would be.

She was annoyed, I think, but nevertheless, she wanted to know.

Her curiosity did cause me to think back to my most cherished Geeky moments.

Oh, that’s the answer: Geek.  Capital “G”, thank you.  And you don’t need a survey.  Wanna know how you know?  Nerds wear pocket protectors and love Science.  They prefer glasses to contacts.  Geeks put pens in their jean’s pocket, love gaming and Sci Fi, and most definitely prefer contacts to eye glasses.

Geek. G E E K.

Proud of it, too, just in case you were wondering.  I finally, finally have a computer room where I display my Star Wars collectibles, (well, some of them), my Lord of the Rings maps, my gaming maps, my Halo CE helmet, my dragon mask, ALL of my Hallmark Star Trek and Star Wars ship ornaments that are indeed lit 24/7, and the centerpiece…my Alienware PC and gaming accessories.  My comics are still in safe storage, but they are close by and easily accessed when I get a hankerin’ for comics and graphic novels.

Yes, I do attend DragonCon in Atlanta.  Yes, I do wear costumes to DragonCon.  Yes, I occasionally sing karaoke at DragonCon.

But, what really makes me a Geek?  Here ya go:

**I once played Morrowind for almost 72 hours straight.  I ordered a pizza around the 50th hour and one of my former high school students delivered it.  He was quite concerned and wanted to know if he could call someone for me.

**I played the original MMO, Everquest aka Evercrack, and allowed myself to be pummeled at least a thousand times on a mean, nasty PvP server.  Curses to Everquest for those many days when I just could not make it to work because  Norrath STILL needed saving!  I have nightmares to this day about Mistmoore Castle.

**I saw Star Wars, Episode IV, back in the summer of 1997, at least ten times. (Pre DVD days, kids, actually, pre VHS/Beta days, too!)    George Lucas totally changed my life that summer.  No more stop motion Godzilla vs King Kong or men in really bad monster costumes…this galaxy far, far away looked REAL!  I still have nightmares about Darth Vader.

** I stood in line for The Empire Strikes Back in Atlanta for over ten hours…and experienced, for the first time, a movie audience that cheered as Han, Luke, and Leia all first appeared on the screen…and when Luke and Vader went at it with the lightsabers, the whole place went nuts!  WOOT!!  (WOOT = Way Out of There for you non Geeks.)

**I was a little bit worried on August 29, 1997.  I breathed a big ole sigh of relief at 2:15 AM.  Geeks will know why 🙂

**I was a little freaked out once when I had a student named Sarah Connor.  I kept a close eye on her.

**I have been known to take vacation time when new video games are released.  Your boss calls you a Geek for doing so and scowls at you, but it’s better than calling in sick for an entire week, doncha think?  (The answer is “yes”…don’t ask how I know!)

**I’ve had “Geeky Gaming Moments” where I’ve gotten teary eyed when I lose a pet or gaming NPC companion.  When I lost Dewbie in Star Wars Galaxies, my first pet in that game, I was bummed for weeks.  Poor Dewbie, may he rest in peace, he was just a baby Dewback when that evil thing killed him!   I accidentally killed a gaming companion once…sorta pushed him off of a cliff…and I felt guilty for months.

So, I’m a Geek.  There’s your answer and the “why” of it.



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5 Responses to Geeky Moments

  1. “I saw Star Wars, Episode IV, back in the summer of 1997”


    Booya! back!

  2. Nerdy/Geeky childhood/adulthood antics:

    I was an early adopter of D&D, when everyone said that the game caused suicides and Devil Worship. I still have my dice somewhere…

    I found an ESP/Ouija board game kit in the trash once. I took it home and practiced with the ESP cards.

    (hmm, do those last two go together?)

    Remember those 500-in-1 electronics kits you could get from Radio Shack? I bought another one years later for my daughter. Yes, another one.

    I used to have a chemistry set. Mixing all the chemicals together gave me this neat grayish-green goo that was quite explosive. My mom took it away from me for a while because even though the bathroom was tiled, the green wouldn’t come out.

    I can read and write (my drawing sucks, but hey) Middle Kingdom Ancient Egyptian.

    I used to meditate to the soundtrack of Star Wars.

    That’s enough embarrassment for now.

  3. Me says:

    Ha Ha Ha! I got 80% on the test.

    Why am I a geek?

    I owned the Hoth Battle Playset and a 12″ C3P0. I had a board game version of D&D. I watched every episode of the Next Generation and I understood the reference to Commander Troy in the season finale of Leverage. AND, why it was so funny coming from Chaos. I had a geology set, microscope and a biology set (complete with dead animals) as a kid. I have built my own computer for fun and think chemistry is interesting. I took Behavioral Neurobiology just because. And I always took five classes per semester in college because learning is fun! I worked in a computer lab in college. I worked in IT for years. All my best high school friends were in band.

    Hmmm…. I’m sure my brother would have more to add…

    Oh yes, I know that I’m geek because not only do I find “The Big Bang Theory” funny but I … well…. get it! 😉

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