The Dragon of Rough Tor

Greetings and Happy Holidays!  As a small Yuletide gift, I am sharing a short story that I wrote back in 1998 that is entitled, The Dragon of Rough Tor. 

Rough Tor is a rocky formation on the Cornish moors in Western England.  It’s not far from Tintagel and even closer to Camelford.  I visited in 1992 with a group of college friends.  When I first saw the formation rising from the mists of the moor, I could only think one thing:  DRAGONS!  A few years later, (actually after the first manuscript of The Last Dragon of the North had been composed), I wrote this short story.

Rough is pronounced as “row” and Tor rhymes with door.

Enjoy!  Happy Yuletide!

The Dragon of Rough Tor

PS The really groovy dragon graphic on this page came from an even groovier Dragon website:  Draconika Dragons


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